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Meet the Teacher

Lisa Wampler

Phone:       314.223.2927




Location:   Columbia, MO

Mrs. Wampler has been teaching music lessons for 15+ years.  Starting out as primarily a piano instructor, she has opened up her studio to vocal coaching, beginning and intermediate guitar students, aspiring songwriters, future music producers, and those in need of music theory tutoring.  She caters to each individual student’s needs and is open to teaching all types of music. Lisa is a founding teacher for the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program.


Mrs. Wampler is currently taking students in all areas in Columbia, MO.  Contact her to find out more about music lessons.


Need help paying for your child's lesson tuition?

Day Dreams Foundation serves children ages 18 and under in Columbia, Missouri. Their mission is to eliminate financial barriers to participating in extra curricular activities and promote healthy life styles, goal setting, academics, teamwork and respect for others.


Children who qualify for free or reduced lunch at Columbia Public Schools can apply for scholarships from the Day Dreams Foundation to pay for the fees associated with music lessons. That could be used for monthly tuition, instruments, and lesson materials!  

Visit to learn more and apply for your music scholarship today.  

Student Testimonials

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